About us

“She believed that she could change the world so she became an Art teacher”

On June 8th 2017, I took my leap of faith, jumping in with everything I had! I left my art class/full-time job/my comfort zone to dedicate myself to this special calling and poured all of my heart into this project, that once started in my art class; inspired by my student who was affected by cancer.  I didn’t know where my heart was taking me, but all I knew was that February 14th 2017 was the beginning of something beautiful.” -Lizzy Hiciano- Founder of Jar of heARTS /Miami-Dade local Art teacher/Early Childhood Educator

Our Vision

Jar of heARTS is a Miami based nonprofit 501(c)(3); structured as a network of powerful organizations that will execute an outline of programs that will help treat the child as a whole. (physically, socio-emotionally, cognitively and spiritually)

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children overcome trauma through creative art expression & enhance the patient and family hospital experience!

Our Purpose

To heal the heart of the child.